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The last stage of works in the apartment is painting walls and ceiling. The last but extremely important, decisive for the appearance of the room.

Electrical Installations

The well thought out layout of the electrical installation is very important. The comfort of the household members and, above all, their safety depends on it.


To make the painted walls perfectly smooth and stay in perfect condition for a long time, it is worth to apply a putty that will eliminate all unevenness, thus achieving a smooth surface effect.

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We take pride in our work

The DOBROBUT company is a construction company operating in Gdańsk. The subject of our activities are professional and comprehensive construction works as well as renovation and finishing services, both for individual clients as well as for companies and institutions.

We offer:
– Demolition
– Installation of walls, ceilings and plasterboard constructions
– Putty
– Painting
– Hydraulic works
– Electrical work
– Tiling (execution of entire bathrooms, laying on the floors)
– Installation of panels and floor strips
– Self-leveling screed
– Installation and installation of fireplaces

We make cost estimates, quotes.
We work with architects.

We issue a 12-month warranty for the works.

We invite you to cooperation.

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