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The well thought out layout of the electrical installation is very important. The comfort of the household members and, above all, their safety depends on it.
It is worth analyzing the needs and expectations, practically plan the place of switches, lighting points and sockets to make them as comfortable as possible. We have all the necessary permissions to professionally perform the work entrusted to us.
We deal with both the exchange and layout and installation of electrical installations. We provide reliable service while maintaining the necessary security procedures. Electrical installation is an investment for years, so it must be done professionally.

Installation of floor panels

Floor panels are one of the most frequently chosen finishing materials. Good quality panels, located professionally and accurately, is an investment for many years.
Their unquestionable advantage is simple care and a wide range of colors. And the type of panels is the basis for the subsequent installation of the flat – choosing the color of the walls, furniture or decorations. It is worth to bet on good quality panels to be able to enjoy their life for a long time and ensure the comfort of living in a beautiful interior.
We provide professional assistance and opinion in the selection of panels and we guarantee accurate and efficient execution of the order, with prior accurate surface preparation. 


To make the painted walls perfectly smooth and stay in perfect condition for a long time, it is worth to apply a putty that will eliminate all unevenness, thus achieving a smooth surface effect.
We carry out the filling very accurately and professionally, we guarantee efficient execution of the order and professionalism. The filling is recommended both in new construction as well as during renovations.
Thanks to the previous treatments of putty, painting walls or putting wallpaper will be much simpler, faster and, above all, the result incomparably better.

Laying tiles

Choosing the right tiles for walls and floors is not a simple task. There are many tiles on the market and it is worth choosing the right material for the room, bearing in mind that it is usually an investment for many years.
We provide advice, help and experience in the selection of tiles, and of course we guarantee their location professionally. We will prepare the substrate accordingly, if you need to coat the old tiles, level the walls and the floor. We also do, among others recesses and shelves.
We are aware that high-quality tiles and, above all, their good location affect the comfort of the family members, as well as the decoration of the interior.


The last stage of works in the apartment is painting walls and ceiling. The last but extremely important, decisive for the appearance of the room.
Painting is invariably the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to refresh every room or change its appearance. We assure you that the service will be performed at the highest level, accurately and expertly, and the walls and ceiling will regain their previous splendor or will acquire a new unique character.
Before painting, we prepare the surfaces accordingly so that the final effect is as satisfactory as possible. We also offer advice and help in choosing the type of paint.
We guarantee a high level of protection and respect for customer property. We also offer delivery of purchased materials.

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